Links to My Stuff

Hello All.

For anyone interested – here are some links to recent projects. (Most of them are heavily intermingled with Duck House Productions, my small yet awesome production company that was founded before the MPs’ expenses.

  1. The Hacker –
  2. The Showreel – http://… actually you can just go check out all my short films at
  3. The Salamander Suite – good for the everyday computer –
  4. Scribe – the same as Word… only free –
  5. DropURL – an URL shortener with a difference –
  6. DarkRoom Photos – a photo upload site that doesn’t really work –
  7. SpCh – The online spell checker (still on localhost)
  8. MyDB – Free online databases for all (also still on localhost)
  9. Twice – a short film currently in the very early stages of pre-production. Meaning it’s still in my head.
That is all

About AlexForey

Fanatical about film, young filmmaker, photographer and Youtuber.

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