Is Chromebook a Good Idea?

Chromebook Picture

But where's the close button? Oh wait Chrome is the only program...

Hello All,

So Google brought out a new operating system, but this time it’s for computers, not phones. The Idea behind the Chromebook is that all your documents, photos, videos, preferences and the like are stored on the web, meaning that the actual Chromebook that you own does not contain any of your data.

This is much like roaming users in your school or office – the actual computers that you log in to boot off the network and all your personal preferences etc… are also stored on the network. One major difference though is that the Chromebook will (as Google say) not have a hard drive. Theoretically this is impossible – when you boot there must be some firmware that displays before you connect to your first WiFi network, and also what happens if while the laptop is on you move away from a WiFi hotspot and there is no 3G connection (some Chromebooks will have in-built 3G)? Will it just crash?

But there are many more problems with being completely cloud based – what if the Google server is down? What if somehow your internet is cut off? But on a more serious note, how do you know if your data is being sent securely or not? And this kind of machine is much more susceptible to attacks from people on shared (cafe etc) wireless networks.

Google Chrome Icon

The only icon on your non-existent desktop

Then I move on the idea of Chrome being the only software usable on these machines. OK – Google have come up with Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Translate, etc.. (needed for the main bulk of users) but there are still many things that you can’t do, like making films or making websites (you can’t run a localhost server for example, because 3rd party software is not allowed) … I wonder why I brought that up…

I suppose that the Chromebook is meant to be a cheaper and faster version of the MacBook Air, but it doesn’t have the main thing that the Air has going for it – lightness. Also an advantage of the Air is that it comes with the (in my opinion) best operating system on the planet: without using a great deal of battery life it still looks amazing, feels amazing and anybody can develop software for it. (As well as being able to run Garageband, the essential tool for low-to-no-budget filmmakers, and Final Cut Pro X, more about those two coming soon).

For people looking for an iPad with a keyboard, go buy an iPad and go buy a wireless keyboard with the cover to hold them both. The iPad has a multitude of apps that have a variety of functions. For those looking for a cheaper MacBook Air, save up a bit more and buy one anyway. However, if all you do is want a portable but big-screened portal to the internet, I recommend it. As much as I love Google and their products, I don’t see the point of this one.

That is All,


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