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We Are Moving!

Greetings all. This will be the Final Post on this version of Film and Stuff, because we are officially moving to

I chose this becuase I feel it further represents the Britishness of this Blog. See you there!


Some more OSx86

OK, OK. I gave up the first time. But now I have the time, I’m gonna give iAtkos a go. I gave up with the Lion, and now I have even given up with Snow Leopard, so I am resorting to Leopard. This might work. MIGHT.

But hey, I always have Windows 8… oh wait, that’s crap. What have they done to the start screen? Ruined it.

Alex, signing off, will report back soon.

Some Free Stuff

On a lighter note, you may be interested in my new selection of free givaways on my website – Duck House Productions.

Go to the page of downloadable goodiness

I have created several unique and original desktop backgrounds. But these are no ordinary desktop backgrounds. They are editable PSDs, with a ridiculously high resolution to fit nearly any screen (including the 27″ iMac). They also have instructions about how to change it to your needs.

Secondly, some music. Although this is not originally created by me, I have tweaked it and edited it to suite my needs, and what I think might be useful to others. Full credit is given where it is due to the original artists.

And then there are some templates, for storyboards etc.

Hope you

Install OS X Snow Leopard on Windows 7 Using VMWare

Windows Computer running OS X

I've waited so long to do this 🙂


OK. I have tried for weeks to get a Hackintosh working, using many methods, and because my computer has an AMD Phenom II processor it is even harder, because OS X was never designed to work with AMD. I eventually gave up trying to install this natively on my computer, so I turned to virtual

Then I had the issue of enabling virtualization. I know for a fact that my processor supports this, and I also know that at least one of my two graphics cards supports this as well. So I think well that sounds fine, so I go into my BIOS > System Configuration and look for the option to turn it on. But OH NO, HP hates anyone who tries to do clever things with their computers, so not only did they disable Virtualization when it came out of the factory, they also REMOVED THE OPTION TO ENABLE IT. So I do what anybody would have done in this situation, and contact HP support. I will quote the email exactly.

Dear Alex

Thank you for contacting HP Customer Care.

I understand from your e-mail that you own a HP Pavilion dv6-3113sa Entertainment Notebook PC and wish to enable the virtualization feature in BIOS.

Alex, The hardware virtualization feature is disabled in BIOS from factory. There is no option to tun this feature ON.

For information on keeping your HP and Compaq products up and running, please visit our website at:



HP Customer Care

How useless is that? She even misspelt “turn”. So I go turn to the online forums, where I finally find an answer! Someone says that I should ‘restore the bios to defaults’. So I do this, and lo an behold, nothing happens. So I was about to give up when I decide to go back into bios and for the hell of it just enable everything. And guess what. It worked. 😉

So now I tried the way of doing it in this tutorial here, and finally found that I could get it to install. But still, once it installed and rebooted, it would refuse to work. Although I managed to get this screenshot, which is pretty awesome.

OS X Installing on VMware Workstation

So now, after many days of downloading, I am following this video tutorial, which seems to be well structured and clear, in the hope that by tomorrow, I may have a working Mac OS X 10.6.8 installed in VMware Workstation 7, on Windows 7.

I will report back soon.

Alex, signing off.

What Happens when Google Goes Wrong

Just a quick post – I thought this might amuse some –

Google gives directions to swim across the Pacific Ocean to get from China to Taiwan


This most likely was put in by someone at Google trying to see if anyone would notice, a bit like the hidden messages about Bill Gates in the spellchecker of Microsoft Word 2003.